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I tried to run away from journalism... only to discover that it's part of my identity. Journalism is not a job title; it's a lifetime commitment to justice and human rights. This is who I am.

Anan is a Syrian journalist, playwright and artist based in England. She is currently an Associate Artist at Stand & Be Counted (SBC) Theatre Company, the first theatre of sanctuary in the UK. 

Supported by both SBC and Counterpoints Arts, Anan's creative practice is mostly informed by her experience as a journalist in Damascus and as a Syrian displaced in England. She seeks through her work to shed light on the strength of the Syrian people and the challenges they face in the UK.

Anan has over 12 years of experience in journalism, public relations, creative writing and copywriting, in addition to more than three years in theater and over five in marketing.

She has an MA in Writing for Performance & Publication from the University of Leeds and is currently pursuing an MA in International Journalism at the same university. 

Anan is comitted to giving back to society through volunteering with different initiatives and organizations, including Utopians, the Syrian Charities & Associations Network in the UK (SCAN UK), Our Hearts with You (OHWY), and others. 

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